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Definition - God's Country: an area or region supposed to be favoured by God....
I remember the first time I visited America, I was mesmerized by the various colours of the sky at sunset. 
The vastness of the horizon...
How the landscape would change as soon as you enter a new state. Similarly, the colours of the sky would change with the backdrop of mountains or canyons....or the ocean...
Whatever the landscape, the sky would dominate the scene. I remember when I first saw a dramatic sunset while driving through Wyoming, I said to my husband, " this is God's Country".
I had read a book when I was young where the author described the sky on a ranch in Montana and I had already painted a picture of it in my head. Although, I have yet to visit Montana, the memory of the sky in my head matched the real sunsets and will stay with me till my last breath.
I knew I would paint a landscape with mountains and my version of a mesmerizing sky based on some of my memories, including the memory of the Montana Sky.

In God's Country

  • 03 March 2020

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