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The most precious quality that can ever exist in the human species.
What constitutes as innocent to you?
I still remember when my younger son painted his version of the rainbow in school when he was just 5. It was so beautiful that we framed it and put it up on a wall in the house.
Why was it beautiful?
Because it was oozing with his innocence…..
We always associate innocence with children because of their ability to not complicate anything in life. The way they see things and how they interact with other living species…(animals, humans…maybe some imaginary friend…). Either way, the interaction is devoid of drama or malice.
That is how I define innocence. The absence of malice at the subconscious level. A rare commodity….
It was his innocence that prompted me to paint my version of the rainbow. I couldn’t help but pick up his energy.
My version may not be innocent, but it is definitely filled with joy


  • 04 July 2012

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