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Have you ever felt nostalgic after or reading a book watching a movie?

I used to read a lot of fictional books when I was in my twenties, where the stories were about battles involving the crusades.
I am still fascinated by that era of the templars and their battles.

And every time I would feel nostalgic about the countryside. I would build images in my head about the the manors and castles based on how they would be described.

I knew that one day I would paint these castles with a backdrop of sunset.

And I took my time with this painting. I had a mountain of patience in me. I shaded each stone one at a time just to get the look right. It was all about getting the right shades with this painting, the bridge, the water, the sunset, the stone castle and the sky.

Every time I look at it, it takes me back to that feeling I used to get while reading those books.


  • 12 November 2012

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