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What constitutes a SIMPLE MIND?
To me, a mind that finds joy in the smallest of things is a simple mind. 
Back in the 90’s, when I started painting in oils, I was just a student wanting to graduate. I had a joyful routine. My world revolved around attending my lectures in college, hanging out with my friends and working (I had taken up a job to make some pocket money…).
I don’t remember a single day that was not filled with joy in whatever I did.
Even the subjects that I picked out to paint were simple. Blue skies, lake or a barn, some trees around or some kind of nature.
I looked at life through the eyes of an idealist. 
Back then, I believed in simplicity, and fortunately still do.
Every time I look at this painting of THE LAKE TOWN, I feel immense peace. 
I still remember the feeling when I was painting it. I felt or hoped that one day I will live in a beautiful town harboring the bluest lake with the backdrop of snowy mountains. The small town will have the friendliest of people living a joyful life. 
Just looking at the serene lake or walking on the path alongside it, will engulf anyone with a sense of calm.

The Lake Town

  • 01 August 1998

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