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How does one put a value to anything?
Is it the quality of the product? 
Or the demand for it?
Could it be because of a brand name?

There are a million technics out there that experts use to put a value to a product?

I picked up the canvas and the brush after taking a long break of about 11 years.
A break that I did not realize was so long. I had used the excuse of “LIFE” and stopped painting for so long.
However, one’s passion always catches up…

The office was finishing a home project at the time. And the owner casually mentioned that I should gift them a painting.
So in all enthusiasm, I started with Peacock’s Tail with the intention of gifting it for the house warming.
But I was struggling a lot with it. I changed the strokes and colors multiple times and my distress was evident because every time I made changes, I had to wait till the paint dried, and the outcome would not satisfy me.

Exhibit H (my husband )….(exhibit A is my older son and exhibit B.. the younger son) would silently observe my struggles…
On the day I finished the painting to my satisfaction and signed it off, my joy was evident to all. (including Exhibit H).
So I mentioned to him that it’s a gift for the house that he just finished…..and lo behold….the energy changed in the blink of an eye.
He lectured me to death on the importance of Art and the VALUE behind it. I still remember him telling me to value everything I do. If not, nobody will value it either. He taught me “Free is the most expensive commodity”…( he says it all the time).
I was upset but I listened to him anyway. My sub-conscious valued his opinion I guess…

This was my real lesson to understanding VALUE….

Peacock's Tail

  • 11 February 2011

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