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What does it mean?

We all feel differently about it.

Personally, I love the sound of silence around me, and over the decade I have consciously made an effort to maintain silence as opposed to expressing my take on things where my words would hurt or offend others...
But silence is not necessarily welcome all the time.

I remember when my older son was a child, he was a tornado, full of energy( he still has loads of energy). 
Not a moment went by when I was not alert around him.
As a child, when silence surrounded him, I knew something was up, and I'm sure many can relate to it, when there is unnatural silence surrounding their child.
In those days, absence of silence was not welcome by me. I loved noise. It gave me a sense of security that everything was OK.

Inherently, most people associate silence with solitude and solitude with loneliness....

Silence need not mean loneliness.... 
It can also mean Peace..or Chaos....
Depends on the situation...


  • 26 September 2011

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