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How do you quantify knowledge?
There is no instrument to measure it.
To me knowledge is the essence of human existence.
We as a species are nothing without it. Right from the beginning, the humans evolved only because of their thirst for knowledge.

When I was a teenage, I too had a thirst for it. I would read articles on any topic on Readers Digest. 
One day, I stumbled upon this article of grey lag geese and thought they looked so unique.
I read about them and was fascinated by their migratory pattern.
I decided immediately that I wanted to paint them.
My teacher said that it’s going to be a challenge to get the details since I was still a student.
But I was stubborn and went ahead with it.
It took me about four months just to get the details of the feathers right, but I never gave up.
Today, when I look at my painting, I still feel the fascination of the geese. They never quit despite the lengthy hours of flying.

They are so beautiful I feel.

Geese In Flight

  • 01 June 1998

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